The season of fresh vegetables has arrived. Here is a wonderful way to use them indiscriminately.

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Bread to Win

A base. A vehicle. A stand-alone wonder.

Homemade bread.

Or rather, your mom’s homemade bread. Refined day after day with constant altering, adjusting, and tasting.

You see, the kitchen of my childhood more often than not smelled of yeast, flour, molasses–warmth. You know that smell? The wave the moment after turning the cool knob and leaning in to the door–able to barrel through school, stress, new experiences and lost innocence weighing you down to make room for complete welcoming and accepting, with a hint of honey.

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Sorry for slacking on posts recently!! School is crazy from now until May 24th (when I graduate!!! eek!) and I have found it hard to find time to even sleep this past week or two.

Anyways, lets get to the point since time is precious. I made granola as a thank you to several special people recently, and thought I would share the recipe (which is actually Marilyn Covey’s, found in this cookbook–I highly recommend it!)

A simple, but extremely delicious snack, breakfast, or addition to any meal!

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