Bozeman, MT

I feel like the food truck experience is a rite of passage for food bloggers.


So, I feel as though I have gone through a churro taco passageway into a new demension of food blogging. Does it feel different for you?


Getting to the point, I visited some family out in Bozeman, Montana this past week and was able to take in the whole experience from backpacking in the Anaconda-Pintler Region (below) to seeing the hilarious show Boeing Boeing at the downtown theater.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 5.04.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 5.07.11 PM

thank you, google maps


On Tuesday through Friday morning we trekked through the site of a huge fire, over streams and rivers, up and over the continental divide, around Pintler Peak and camped alongside Johnson, Oreamnos, and Phyllis lakes.  Each night we dined on a different cuisines (indian, mexican, and italian) and each day, snacked on the obligatory trail mix.

Random tangent: I think someone should create a place in an outdoorsy store or somewhere near popular trails that has a trail mix buffet so you can get all you want in your mix before heading out on the trail.

Anyways, after the trip, I got to see my cousin sell some of her beautiful art (earrings, bracelets, and photographs) (I guess the photography bug runs in the family). Follow her on Instagram @gulogirlscaptured!





We also had the chance to roam downtown Bozeman and the food scene there is wonderful! I just wanted to stop in each restaurant and ask for a little taste of everything. We did stop in Townshends Tea to cool off a bit–it was oppressively hot Friday evening.

 300_1730  300_1729

Their selection was listed in a book. Yes a book. Not at all intimidating.

300_1735 300_1736 300_1734

The rest of the Main street was lined with wonderful signs and stores:

300_1793             300_1792

“a brunch without a mimosa is just a sad, late breakfast” -Bagels etc.

300_1791    300_1759

                  300_1757   300_1779

There was also some really amazing art


300_1789300_1787 300_1776

And pretty buildings and views:

300_1795 300_1778 300_1777300_1775   300_1786

We ended up stopping at Victory Taco, which ended up being perfect. I now understand the power of the food truck. It brings people together. I know that sounds weird, but at restaurants, everyone is at their own table or in their own booth and even if you are sitting at a bar, you normally come with a group and plan on sitting, eating, talking with them, not the others around you. With the food truck, there is limited seating, all stools scattered around, a haphazard line to order, and a person who calls your name when the food is ready. Sitting alone is impossible, and eavesdropping is almost required. We had a pair of women next to us who chimed in about the cotijo cheese we were wondering about. She was from New Mexico and knew all about it–a kind of mild feta used in Mexican cuisine a lot: really tasty!300_1819300_1816

We got some Hibiscus Tea


I got the Veggie:


They also had these toppings: pickled veggies (on the left) and jalapeños (to the right).


Margo and her mom got the Fin:


300_1825 300_1831

We even talked a bit with the guy who took our order, he called after us as we were walking away, “Have a great night!”. The whole place was alive with hungry people and delicious food–not much more is required for a contagiously happy vibe.

     300_1821      300_1811


All in all, Bozeman is an amazing place, full of wonderful people just enjoying life. Go and see for yourself, but if not, I hope I have given you a glimpse into this western wonderland.


5 thoughts on “Bozeman, MT

  1. W&K Gaillard says:


    I just looked at your new post! How fabulous!!! I loved seeing pics of Bozeman, hearing about the food truck, your map, etc. Good job!!! Makes me want to hop on the next airplane. And what a pleasure to talk to you today, Katharine. Thanks for the call. xo Gammy >


  2. Susan says:

    What a great post. We have a local food truck in Newburyport and I agree that it is a communal experience. As I get older, community means more – however it comes to me. I shall probably never make it out west (unless of course there is a Jane Austen event!) so I enjoyed sharing your experience. Ms. Chase


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