The Mountain School

This past weekend, as I visited one of my many ‘homes’, seeing it in a new light, perspective, I realized how vital it was in shaping this, here, now.

QUICK FACTS: The Mountain School is located on a farm in Vershire, VT, and is a semester school for high school juniors and seniors. Forty-five students are admitted per semester and all learn to keep the farm running while chugging through a normal (if not quite advanced) high school curriculum.

I attended the school for the fall semester of 2013 and feel as though this was the origin of my love for all things food. The Mountain School offers some of the most fresh food you will ever imagine–I would regularly walk down the buffet tables and recognize at least a few things I helped harvest or prep.

Returning to help out at a reunion, I joined Pam in the kitchen to cook for 30+ hours and realized how it was that place, that dining room, that farm that formed this me. This person obsessed with food, interested in how cheese is made and how it is that bread rises and how cooks find their path. It all started here.


the dining hall 

300_1603 300_1604

the kitchen in all its glory (don’t mind the paper maché piñata–there were a lot of kids to entertain)



my tent site


the double rainbow at about 5:50 AM saturday morning


the english room

300_1607 300_1611

Pam herself

300_1613 300_1614 300_1615 300_1616 300_1618 300_1624 300_1622

our masterpiece–the biggest biscuit ever with strawberry rhubarb compote and homemade whipped cream



serving table in the dining hall and the dish dispensary


the greenhouse

Marilyn, the other cook, is the author of the wonderful granola recipe I shared a while ago. Go check it out «here»!


2 thoughts on “The Mountain School

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. It brings clarity to all you described! I am enjoying your posts and experiences this summer. I also am enjoying going into the garden and creating all kinds of salads and smoothies. The woodchuck no longer lives under my shed so I am truly happy that I am not sharing the fruits of my labor! Ms. Chase


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