These are actually the most cloud-like, melty, make-you-want-to-live-in-munchkin-land desserts ever. Like ever, ever.

Last weekend, my tennis team had a match and I hadn’t made a dessert for us in a while, so I decided to make these munchkins from one of my favorite food blogs, which you can get to here.

[I’m sorry I haven’t made anything original recently, but Senior Spring has been busy beyond busy, but I hope to do more of that all summer long, so please stay tuned and get excited for some original, never-seen-before ideas and combinations!]

Anyway, these are incredibly easy and fun to make and a true crowd-pleaser (and cook-pleaser). All the steps needed are:

1) Make batter and roll into ball-form


2) Fry in pan with oil, rolling around so as not to burn, but become crisp

800_4330 800_4331

my first attempt… a little bit burned…

(still delicious and provided more excuses to taste test)

800_4325        800_4329

3) Make glaze while the munchkins are cooling on a rack


4) Roll munchkins in glaze and any other toppings you would like (i did sweetened, shredded coconut)

800_4333800_4332800_4337 800_4335 800_4340 800_4336

These are actually irresistible.. I tried one while I was baking them and could not help myself to three more.


800_4338          …before they are all gone!



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