Hello! Anyone else finding that 30 degrees is feeling incredibly warm recently!? I haven’t worn a jacket all day and the sun feels so warm on my face–spring is on its way, though it is hard to believe when I open my eyes and see the crisp mountains of clouds-on-land around me.

I recently made my first couple batches of almond and peanut butter and I think my life is forever improved because what can’t be fixed with a spoonful of either of these delicious butters? I say nothing.

Nut Butters

yield: 1/4 cup


  • 1 handful of nuts (or more, if you would like more butter)


  1. Put nuts into a cuisinart and turn it on until the nuts form a butter that is your desired thickness


I left them in for about 10-15 minutes. Throughout that time, you may have to pause it and use a soft spatula to scrape nut pieces from the sides if some gets stuck.






The first time I made this I felt a bit impatient, so I stopped as soon as it resembled a butter however, the second time let it go a bit longer and it became much more creamy and delicious. Definitely use a handful or so of nuts the first couple times and try different amounts of time to figure out how long you prefer to leave it in to get your ideal thickness.

If you are a fan of crunchy butters like me, you can simply cut up or mash some nuts using a mortar and pestle and mix those in once your butter is done.

For those ambitious culinary artists out there, you could also mix in fluff or melted chocolate or jelly or even your favorite dried fruit! These spreads open all sorts of doors for your imagination to run free–so let it!



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