Frying up Some Early Summer Pondering’s

I feel at the start of a huge leap that I will only land from a year from now.

May 31st I moved in to Washington D.C. for a summer internship. July 26th I return home. July 31st I fly to Kathmandu, Nepal for a study abroad program that lasts through December 9th. I then travel on my own through Nepal until December 26th, when my mom joins me and we hop over to India through January 16th. I am then home until January 24th, when I fly to New Zealand for a semester abroad there, lasting through June 20th.

Quite a long and far leap.

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Toward the door, all are sleeping as the sky turned black hours ago. Jumping to hike my jacket out from under my backpack, my hands zip it instinctively. Inhaling the last of the warm air of Pettingill Hall, I push through the glass doors, sensing a weight lifted and resettled.

Back to the dorm, I feel admittedly useless as the stars, shining just as proud as last night, make my tiny footsteps feel especially small.

I recall the day: I could’ve been a better friend; I could’ve been a better student; I could’ve been a better person—

[I tried my best and though that is not always my best, I tried.]

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Ever buy a bag of grapes and 2 or 3 or 4 days later realize you will not be able to finish them before they begin wrinkling or growing molds of sorts?

Well, I have a solution for you!

Once you buy a bag, split the grapes in two groups–one to keep and enjoy, the other to use.

Place the half you are to use in a food processor (be sure to remove all the stems) and follow the recipe below to the most delicious jelly out there.


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Soft Serve

With this, perhaps the last, heat wave of the summer, we all need some help savoring it before winter comes around again.

There are many summer foods and meals and essentials out there, but little say summer and allow you to really take on the heat like soft serve. And better yet this one has one ingredient and one major step to creation and is truly guilt-free!

P.S.: Happy National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day!

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The Mountain School

This past weekend, as I visited one of my many ‘homes’, seeing it in a new light, perspective, I realized how vital it was in shaping this, here, now.

QUICK FACTS: The Mountain School is located on a farm in Vershire, VT, and is a semester school for high school juniors and seniors. Forty-five students are admitted per semester and all learn to keep the farm running while chugging through a normal (if not quite advanced) high school curriculum.

I attended the school for the fall semester of 2013 and feel as though this was the origin of my love for all things food. The Mountain School offers some of the most fresh food you will ever imagine–I would regularly walk down the buffet tables and recognize at least a few things I helped harvest or prep.

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Farmer’s Market Adventure

Here is a tip: The next time you go to the Farmer’s Market in your area, go with a plan to make a pizza and tell all who ask of that plan. Eyes light up, gears turn, and soon enough you have some squash blossoms and an extra flower to take home

This past Thursday, I arrived at the market with no idea what my pizza would look like and left with all my necessary ingredients (and the dough waiting at home).

First stop, the Vernon Family Farm with Jeremiah.

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